We’ve been heads-down this week making progress on a number of fronts including reshaping our website design.

Cryptocurrencies is becoming mainstream and governments are focusing on regulating it this year (Venezuela, as a sovereign nation has kicked off an oil-backed cryptocurrency (the petro), completed a historic first!). Therefore we decide to write some articles about the subject in order to provide some guidelines to our members.

We are now working on email marketing in addition of some improvements concerning website functionalities platform, later on we’ll be working also on the consumer-facing side to make it completely intuitive and user-friendly.

We are planning also to develop and implement an application to reward our active members and create a dynamic ecosystem.  This will probably be done through a utility-token economy to allow been deployed in a scalable and cryptographically auditable manner.

While doing some researches about this subject we come across a new company that fits exactly our needs, in particularly, offering a platform enabling the creation of utility that will be backed by their own token called OST “Open Simple Token”. This platform offers any company to launch its own Branded Token (powered by ST) and benefit from getting parts of their business on a blockchain without the necessity of their own in-house blockchain developers or crypto economists.

Therefore this will enable us focus on deriving more benefits for our community in addition of benefit from the network effects across the participating companies.

You can also check our Entire Roadmap!

Please comment and add your suggestions!

2018-February- OWT-Updates
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