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It really can cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time a day or even a few bucks here and there.

1. Social Network Sharing

You can take advantage of a free marketing asset that you already have access to, which is your Social Network. Chances are you are already using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other social network as part of your everyday life.

Top Social Networks Platforms

This is one of the most effective marketing as you market to people who already know and trust you! It is so simple and easy to do this, Just go post a message periodically if not daily and share Your Links on ALL of your Social Networks! The following list include some top known Social Network platforms that are generating good traffic.

FutureNet was established in 2012 as an idea and has developed over into a social network company with more than 4.75 million members.

CashJuice is combining the power of social media and traffic exchange which is really going to send you the traffic and build up the list you crave for! It is designed by Darren Merrett (TrafficAbBar Creator) that will help you to brand yourself online. You will connect with people like you where you can learn, teach, be a coach and advertise your business. It is really worth to get to know and be part of this community.

Apsense is for Professional and Newbie Marketers Alike. It pays you to promote your business! Online since 2005 with thousands members. Get to know APSENSE to Enlarge your social network and exchange business ideas!

2. List Mailers

Top List Mailers

A List Mailer, Safe List or viral list builders are membership sites that allows its members to exchange email ads with one another. Each List Builder is different; they have different amounts of members and different time limits that you can contact them. Check the following list.

Elite Tigers Groupe include 23+ safe list free to join with a $50 Bonus in complete free ads value in addition of a daily credits. Click and take Your Time Watch The Videos For Further Information.

Europeansafelist is a big safe list online since 2007 allowing you to send messages to all free members + FREE BANNER ROTATIONS with an optional upgrade of as low as $3 monthly to 40.000+ monthly credits, your personal page and AUTORESPONDER.

HercuList is a 20 years trusted safe list and solo ads source serving more than 86000 members. It is 100% real with no fake traffic or bots. Join thousands of like minded business owners and opportunity seekers from all over the world.

3. Traffic Exchanges

Top Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are a nice way to gain a little bit of traffic for a small amount of work. It will require you to surf as much as you possibly can each day. Simply add your link(s), Start surfing and Assign your earned credits to your referral link(s)! Check the following list.

Top Surfer is one of the best hit exchanges that is still delivering excellent results. You can also earn money by surfing, opening links in the solo-ads or even resell wholesale membership and keep 100% of the profit.

EasyHits4U is one of the biggest and famous traffic exchange site with over 1.5 Million members. You can promote unlimited number of banners and text ads for FREE in addition of a No limits to surf and earn!

MaxAdCoop is a great source of additional traffic to your sites. It rotates links and every hit to your Co-Op link gets you a hit back to one of your sites from a network of 1,000’s of sites giving you a ton of exposure.

All4Pro is another great way to get FREE traffic. It was born to offer to its members the ability to promote to Professional Paid members only. You will submit Your Ad To 55 Sites with 186670 Combined Members count

4. PTC (Paid To Click)

Top PTC websites

It draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money by viewing ads. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement. Check the following list.

Clixsense is online since 2017;  It started as a PTC but over the course of time, they added new ways of making money like Crowdflower tasks, ClixSense offers and paid surveys which soon became very popular among its users. and still delivering .

Myaddsup is another PTC site that is delivering good results.  Take the opportunity to join this program it will benefit YOU Big Time!

Ptcshare is a new performing PTC site that have several earning opportunities which can attract many people in make money online niche!

5. All in one Advertising Platforms

Top PTC websites

It combines all or part of the above traffic methods in one place! We have selected the following list.

BABO is a complete Online Marketing system that you can join for free, watch video tutorials. It includs: an HTML Editor, Banner Builder, URL Rotator, Email Tracker, Page Builder and AutoResponder with tools to Cloak/Track/Shrink your links. 


GMP is another complete suite of free tools (Landing pages, Traffic Rotator, Autoresponder, Bulk mailing system, Banner and Graphic maker, Facebook wall poster, TRAFFIC ANALYTICS ..) that you can use to get web traffic.​

AdsEarnBtc is a new released site that combine PTC, Traffic Exchange, Banner adds and Log in adds in the same place. It is paying in BTC and it’s worth to test it! It’s still under test and will update this post periodically!

Bizkniz is a new released site that is claiming to be a complete suite of digital marketing advertising tools. It’s still under test and will update this post periodically!


Paying for traffic can be a powerful tool for marketers. Technically, any service you pay for that drives leads or eyeballs to you is a paid traffic source. It can put your banner and link in front of MILLIONS of people! It is super simple and only requires about 5 minutes to setup.

1. Solo Ads Marketplace


They insure all their solo ad senders are screened and rated by the buyers on opt-in rate and sales made. It's a lifetime rating, so you are assured you will only get the best targeted traffic.

2. Other sources

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