If you are looking to promote your business or simply want to share your ideas then this article is for you! We will be discussing both free and paid methods, Well, there is always a cost, if not money it will be time and effort!

Let’s deep dive and describe this step by step how to be known by the online community!

1. Free Traffic Sources

Free online traffic sources are coming from platforms that allow you to share posts with links that generate visits (clicks) to you! This is mainly recommended to individuals, startups or companies who can’t afford paid traffic or have limited communication budgets.

In this section we will list and describe a couple of them for you to chose the best combination that fits to your needs.

1.1 Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the largest source of free traffic, it is based on content keywords ranking. Top ranked sites (blogs) have more visitors, however in order to be top-ranked, Your contents need to be unique and of high quality in addition of making sure to meet all the requirements of the search engines. One good advantage of this method is that the audience and visitors sent are highly targeted.

1.2. Social Media

The social media is an excellent source of free traffic where a huge number of people are spending hours and hours screening posts and blogs therefore this is a good place to start with. The popular social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm and Linkedin are good but there are many more interesting ones and we have listed some in below table to choose from.

Better to start with those that you know however it is good to explore other ones to target more people.

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Markethive is an amazing social marketing platform for entrepreneurs that is providing free tools including a free autoresponder with 90+% delivery rate. You can create a free account, Watch video inside!

CashJuice is a Social network platform with the intent of making money online. It is combining the power of social media and traffic exchange which is really going to send you the traffic and build up the list you crave for!

APSENSE is online since 2005! An original business social network that pays you to promote your business with more than 6.14 thousand members where to Enlarge your social network and exchange business ideas!!

1.3. YouTube

YouTube is a great source of traffic as this platform present online videos which are more frequently requested by people. It require a certain time to learn to prepare the video content but this should be included in the marketing strategy.

Check below video for more details.

1.4. Backlinks

The back links are an other effective way to get free traffic. You have to post on other websites and commenting on other people’s blogs, which will attract people that are interested in your content to click on your links and visit your proper website which lead to more conversion.

Below some good platform and forums to post in:

  • Reddit: This is an extensive community of people looking for ideas to grow their businesses (don’t post links anyhow as you can easily get blocked).
  • Quora: Similar to Reddit where people share tips & information on various topics, Everyone contributes on offering value to others
  • EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com

1.5. Social Influencers

Influencers are social authorities that have many online followers in a certain niche. It can be a person, a company, or a group of people that are able to capture audience’s attention. You need to discuss with them a mutually beneficial partnership to let them introduce you or promote your brand to their audience

Below a good video course on the subject:

2. Paid Traffic Sources

Technically, this is any service you pay for, that drives visits to your posts or website. It is characterized by clicks coming from paid promotions & advertisements. Consider that visitors (leads, customers or followers) arriving via paid ads are more targeted than those from free traffic therefore you need to define your strategy in this field.

The following list will describe more in details a couple of this sources for you to have best idea and chose from.

2.1. Search Ads (mainly Google Ads)

Search Ads was initially introduced by Google Ads (formally known as AdWords) are an old-school but still one of the best paying advertising networks, though the cost per click is relatively high (compared to competitors such as Bing Ads).

It is based on the selection of keywords that your targeted visitors are likely to search for and then place a bid to get your ad served (displayed) at the top of the search result page. Many sophisticated features have been added, such as Dynamic Search Ads, Video Ads, and Universal App Campaigns, they support advanced audience targeting, bid adjustment based on device, and re-targeting.

Below a good video course on the subject:

2.2. Social Ads (mainly Facebook and Linkedin)

Similar to Google Ads Social Ads were introduced by Facebook Ads which have more advertising options with new features constantly added. Ads can be posted in newsfeeds, Messenger, instagram, Stories, or audience networks; You can target by demographics, location, interests, or lookalikes.

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Facebook  Marketing !

Linkedin Marketing! This is mainly to target business professionals in a very efficient way, by contact or account, job title, demographics, location, or industry using display ads, sponsored in-feed posts, or InMail ads. LinkedIn help you to target and reach people according to their business profiles.

Twitter Marketing! This is a popular place for short-form posts which is particularly an interesting option of paid traffic for small to medium businesses

Instagram Marketing!

Instagram Marketing!

2.3. Solo Ads

Social Ads are email-based advertisements that you buy (or rent) form email list owners. You contact the owner and make the deal with him to allow send email campaigns to their email list. You pay based on the number of subscribers to your proper list or by the number of clicks your email will get.

There are many safe places where can buy solo ads, click below to explore our best selection

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Udimi insure all their solo ad senders are screened and rated by the buyers on opt-in rate and sales made. It’s a lifetime rating, so you are assured you will only get the best targeted traffic. If you want results, only use reputable suppliers listed on this page.

HercuList Solo Ads Delivering solo ads for over 20 years. It is 100% real with thousands of like minded business owners and opportunity seekers from all over the world (no fake traffic or bots).

3. Other Traffic Sources

3.1. List Mailers, Safe List and viral list builders

A List Mailer, Safe List or viral list builders are membership sites that allows its members to exchange email ads with one another. Each List Builder is different; they have different amounts of members and different time limits that you can contact them.

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Elite Tigers include over 20 safe list free to join with a $50 Bonus in complete free ads credits. Watch The Videos inside For Further Information.

GlobalMoneyLine A big free safe list with over 400000 subscribers that you can message and growing daily (I’m getting 300 new members in my downline on weekly basis). !

EUROPEANSAFELIST is a big safe list online since 2007 allowing you to send messages to all free members + FREE BANNER ROTATIONS with an optional upgrade of as low as $3 monthly to 40.000+ monthly credits, your personal page and AUTORESPONDER.

3.2. Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are a nice way to gain a little bit of traffic for a small amount of work. It will require you to surf as much as you possibly can each day. Simply add your link(s), Start surfing and Assign your earned credits to your referral link(s)!

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TrafficAdBar is another great way to get FREE traffic that not only advertise your links to other members, but also through a big network of other sites.

EasyHits4U is one of the biggest and famous traffic exchange site with over 1.54 Million members. You can promote unlimited number of banners and text ads for FREE in addition of a No limits to surf and earn!

Top Surfer is one of the oldest hit exchanges still delivering excellent results and going more and more strong. You can also earn money by surfing, opening links inside the solo-ads or even resell wholesale membership and keep 100% of the profit..

3.3. PTC (Paid To Click)

It draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money by viewing ads. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement

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All4Pro is a good website where you can promote to professional Paid members only. Here YOU, as paid member, will only receive or view ads that have been created by other Pro members!

AdsEarnBtc is PTC, Traffic Exchange site with good delivery results in addition of Profit packs system that can attract a lot of traffic.  Join this program for free and check yourself!

ySense is online since 2017;  It started as a PTC but over the course of time, they added new ways of making money like Crowdflower tasks, ClixSense offers and paid surveys which soon became very popular among its users. and still delivering.

Hope this content provides you value. Kindly share your comments!

We will keep bringing more sources! Just bookmark this page and come back for updates

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