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MailChimp has been one of the fastest growing email marketing providers for years now. It has been included in our exploration list as they have a huge base of customers.

That said – Let’s break down the PROS and CONS. We invite you to check out below details, add your comments and record your rating.

MailChimp, is a marketing automation nice platform with a dashboard that lays out the steps very clearly: import list, create/send a campaign, and start building audience! they offers various campaigns using,  template-driven, HTML email with a plain-text alternative. These campaigns can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent later.

To start with MailChimp, you have to create a free account but it requires a valid URL for your website so, if you don’t have one yet, set up a blog or website. They wants to make sure the account is correctly set up and won’t be used for spam.

Quick Summary

The Pros

  • Free plan available,
  • All level affordable plans,
  • Thorough reporting,
  • Great template editor and
  • Huge support materials.

The Cons

  • No real-time Reports,
  • High-cost subscription,
  • No phone for rapid support.


Recommend  for small business looking to get started with email marketing software


Industry:Email marketing
Headquarters:Ponce City MarketAtlanta, Georgia[1]
Key people:Ben Chestnut (Founder CEO)
References:crunchbase.com PCMag;

What is MailChimp

It’s a marketing automation platform, an email marketing service and a trading name of its operator, Rocket Science Group, an American company founded in 2001.[4][5] MailChimp began as a paid service and added a freemium option in 2009. Within a year its user base had grown from 85,000 to 450,000.[6] By June 2014, it was sending over 10 billion emails per month on behalf of its users.[7] 

In 2016, MailChimp was ranked No. 7 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list.[10]In August 2017, It was reported that, MailChimp would be opening its office in Brooklyn and in Oakland, California.[11]

MailChimp Email Marketing Packages

MailChimp offer many Professional Email Packages including:

Forever Free plan:send 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 accounts. This will work perfectly for small businesses that have small subscriber list and send newsletters less than six times per month.
Monthly plans:let you send unlimited messages and pricing varies by the number of subscribers $10 for 500 subscribers, $15 for 1,000 subscribers, $20 for 1,500 subscribers… “Use the handy calculator available on the website to get an exact price”.
PayAsYouGo plan:allow to pay for each email and the rates vary by volume: the more you buy, the lower the price. For example, 300 credits cost $0.03 per email while 200,000 credits cost $1,000 or $0.005 per email. If you cancel your account or MailChimp shuts you down for spamming, then you will not get refunds for unused credits.

MailChimp Features

MailChimp is frequently adding features and we list the following:

  • Timewarp, which is a feature that delivers messages according to your recipient’s time zone.
  • Mandrill, is a paid add-on for monthly users that handles “transactional” emails and messages triggered by specific events, such as password resets, receipts, and other notifications.
  • Mobile app, that lets you craft and send campaigns from an Android or iOS device.
  • Add promo codes to your emails, landing pages, and even re-market via Google Ads.
  • Alerts for pay-as-you-go customersInbox Preview, and chat support for paid customers.
  • The company also added Facebook and Instagram ad campaignsproduct recommendations, and free marketing automation to its services.

MailChimp Other Elements 

Campaigns Tracking Reports: They shows clearly how many messages were sent, how many were opened, and how many links were clicked. However they don’t  refresh automatically with no Reload button (needs a manual browser reload) and not in real-time (It has been recorded more than 10 minutes delay with these reports).

Sending newsletters and promotions, can be paused (so won’t be billed) but only twice a year. Or, if no longer satisfied with MailChimp, can permanently delete all mailing lists, email campaigns, and reports. There are options to export and data backup, which is nice.

Help & Support: MailChimp provides tremendous helpful support through guides, Knowledge Base (KB) articles and tutorials using clean, professional Dialog boxes and support pages. There is an “Email Us” button to reach technical support and billing but it’s a little hard to find.


MailChimp has a clear, very easy to use, platform with everything to track and manage email marketing at a price most businesses can afford. We recommend  it for small business to be used to start email marketing. For businesses with large subscriber lists, MailChimp Pro offers more advanced tools but also it’s worth considering our other Editors’ Choice.

Disclosure – All data & opinion mentioned on this review are based on either my experience and on a summary of other reviews referenced in Profile section.

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