This is for people with partnership mindset, it’s a teamwork effort and a team profit sharing. You as a member will be asked to sign up for one or more programs that offer bonus and contests in order to have your part of the chaired profit when the team wins contest.

How it works?

Chose from below list programs that have ongoing contests, Click on the displayed link to register then, after sign-up, Send your username using contact form and we’ll add you to the contest team this program(s).

15% of the profit will be used to bring more people to join the team in order to increase our chance to win the contest But,

You too can post on social networks, inform your friends or use any of our proven methods to send traffic in order to help on promoting this page

Finally After the contest ends the team will be informed about the results and profit chaired if the team wins.

Selected List

ShurAds offer quality, guaranteed (100% open rate) email advertising at very affordable price & paid you back when advertising + get paid to explore the internet and visit cool websites!! Open!

Adfeedz Explosive New System that pays commission up to 90%. Join For free, Earn Cash While you Get Website Traffic! Everyone Can Win & Make Money with this System. Join Us and Grow With Us! Open!

Crypto-Pros A single $2-LIFETIME purchase with no monthly nor annual fees that can earn over $90,000 for EACH $2 purchase. A 2×20 Forced Matrix with Unlimited “Stacking” and a “PIF Pool” yes, finally, those who can’t or won’t promote can still build a downline. Expired!