If you are looking to promote your business online then this article will help you. We will discuss both free and paid methods. This is recommended for individuals but also startups and companies that have a limited advertisement budget

1. Search Engines “SEO: SearchEngineOptimization”

Search Engine Optimization is the largest source of free online visits, it is based on content keywords ranking however in order to be top-ranked, your contents need to be unique and of high quality in addition of making sure to meet all the requirements of the search engines. One good advantage of this method is that the audience and visitors sent are highly targeted.

2. Social Media

The Social media is an amazing source of free online visits and a good place to start with. Huge number of people are spending their time in some popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm and Linkedin.

It is better to start with the platforms that you know however it is good to explore other platform to target more people

Explore the following social media platforms
  • Markethive is an amazing social marketing platform for entrepreneurs that is providing free tools including a free autoresponder with more than 90% delivery rate.
  • CashJuice is a Social network platform with the intent of making money online. It is combining the power of social media and online visits exchange which is really going to help you build up the list you crave for
  • APSENSE is active online since 2005! An original business social network that pays you to promote your business to more than 6.14 thousand members where to Enlarge your social network and exchange business ideas

3. YouTube

It is a great source of online visits as this platform present online videos which are more frequently requested by people. It require a certain time to learn to prepare the video content but this should be included in the marketing strategy.

4. The Backlinks

The back links are an other effective way to get free traffic. You have to post on other websites and commenting on other people’s blogs, which will attract people that are interested in your content to click on your links and visit your proper website which lead to more conversion

Discover some good platforms and forums for posting
  • Reddit: This is an extensive community of people looking for ideas to grow their businesses (don’t post links anyhow as they can easily block you).
  • Quora: Similarly to the above, people can share tips & information on various topics, Everyone contributes on offering value to others
  • EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com

5. Social Influencers

Influencers are social authorities that have many online followers in a certain domain. It can be a person, a company, or a group of people that are able to capture audience’s attention. You need to discuss with them a mutually beneficial partnership to let them introduce you or promote your brand to their audience

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