Technically speaking, this is any service you pay for, that attract visits to your posts or website. It is characterized by clicks coming from paid promotions & advertisements which generate more targeted visitors than those from free traffic therefore you need to define your strategy in this field

The following list will describe in details some of this sources for you to chose the best that fit your needs

1. Search Advertisements “GoogleADS…”

Search Advertisements was initially introduced by google and formally known as AdWords.

It’s an old-school but still one of the best paying advertising networks, though the cost per click is relatively high (compared to competitors. It is based on the selection of keywords that your targeted visitors are likely to search for and then place a bid to get your ad served (displayed) at the top of the search result page.

Many sophisticated features have been added, such as Dynamic Search Ads, Video Ads, and Universal App Campaigns, they support advanced audience targeting, bid adjustment based on device, and re-targeting.

2. Social Network Advertisements

Socials Ads have more advertising options with new features constantly added, You can target by demographics, location, interests, or lookalikes and can be posted in newsfeeds, Stories, audience networks, …

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  • Facebook Marketing   The first version and most known of social ads.
  • Linkedin Marketing It’s mainly used to target business professionals in a very efficient way, by contact or account, job title, demographics, location, or industry using display ads, sponsored in-feed posts, or In Mail ads and this will help you to reach people according to their business profiles.
  • Twitter Marketing This is a popular place for short-form posts which is particularly an interesting option of paid traffic for small to medium businesses
  • Instagram Marketing   Another huge very useful platform for advertisement
  • Youtube Marketing  Will be subject to a separate article

3. The Solo Ads

Solo Ads are email-based advertisements that you buy (or rent) form email list owners. You contact the owners and make the deal with them to allow send email campaigns to their email lists and you will pay based on the number of subscribers to your proper list or by the number of clicks your email will get.

Discover some safe places to buy them
  • Udimi Marketing They make sure all their solo ad senders are screened and rated by the buyers on opt-in rate and sales made and this is done through a lifetime rating, so you are assured you will only get the best targeted visitors to your links therefore if you want good results, then use only reputable suppliers.
  • HercuList SoloAds They are delivering good results for over 20 years with 100% real visitors (no fake traffic or bots), this visits are from thousands of business owners and opportunity seekers and all over the world .

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