The co-founder of Ethereum Steve Nerayoff is at the forefront of finding the best business use cases for blockchain.

Nerayoff has recently launched Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CSE: BLOCOTC: BLKCF), a private equity fund designed to capitalize on the emerging block chain ecosystems.

Blockchain is no more restricted to Fintech (Finance technology) but it is becoming increasingly more and more creative in the oil and gas Industry, Government applications, Gaming, and in all kinds of different areas. This tremendous growth is not because it’s hip and new – but because distributed ledger technology offers powerful, practical, and ultimately profitable business uses.

So Let’s focus on blockchain for business uses.

It is already revitalizing old and tired companies like Kodak which, after using “Kodak One” as a blockchain solution, has resulting in an astounding 700 percent jump of Kodak stock price and therefore gained international exposure.

Blockchain is being used to reduce costs and increase inefficiencies in tracking shipping containers globally and Industries around the world are about to see disruptive new businesses build on blockchain.

Now! As the boom in cryptos has created a lot of fraud, insanity, and delusional thinking, investors need someone to filter through the thousands upon thousands of crypto “opportunities” in order to find the real businesses.

Therefore, as co-founder of Ethereum (now worth $70 billion), Steve Nerayoff is at the center of the ecosystem. He is once again at the forefront of the blockchain business world.

His next project, Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is a unique company ready to capitalize on the next wave of crypto investment.

He has an experienced management team that knows the “ins and outs” of blockchain and crypto technology; they have the experience to help spot the winners and losers in the crypto world. Global Blockchain has put together a core team that aims to “incubate” 12 new digital currencies every year. This means that Global Blockchain will be providing the funding for these new currencies in return for an equity stake and a significant percentage of the founders tokens.

Few companies have started to take the plunge, with Global Blockchain and every where we look we see more successful block chain business uses, like…

Veeva (NYSE:VEEV): Cloud services providers, focusing specifically on the pharmaceutical sector.
Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE): A tech heavyweight. covering anything and everything media-related.
Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN): An emerging tech company specializing in defense and other government markets.
Secureworks Corp (NASDAQ:SCWX): A company specializing in intelligence-driven information security solutions.
Pure Storage Inc (NYSE:PSTG): A data platform focused on delivering fast, optimized and cloud-capable solutions
The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (TSX: DSG): Specializing in supply chain management software, logistics software.
Kuuhubb Inc. (TSX: KUU.V): Active in the acquisition and development of lifestyle and video game applications.
Mogo Finance Technology Inc. (TSX:GO): Provides loan management with stress free tracking of mortgages and spending.
EXFO Inc (TSX:EXFO): Producing testing products for optical networks including 3G, LTE, IMS and others.
Power Financial Corp (TSX:PWF): A giant operating in three segments: Pargesa Holding SA, Lifeco and IGM.

This team is a “who’s who” of cryptocurrencies”:

  • Global Blockchain’s Rick Willard is the co-founder of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society and an advisor to Luxembourg on blockchain initiative.
  • Kyle Kemper is the executive director of the Blockchain Association of Canada.
  • Jeff Pulver has consulted and invested in 350 startups.
  • Michael Terpin is the managing partner of the first blockchain incubator in the world and founded Marketwire, which sold to Nasdaq in 2006 for $200 million.

Together this team are some of the most experienced, successful, connected, and knowledge minds in the blockchain world. Exactly who you would want analyzing which blockchain
projects have the best chance of success.

Considering all this success, now is a good time for investors to review Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) and how it is positioned to grow in this emerging market environment.


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Global Blockchain Technologies Corp (A strong business case)
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