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Overview of Leadsleap

Leadsleap was launched in 2008, by Kenneth Koh from Singapore, as a 10-level leads generation system. At that time, most leads generation system worked by allowing members to email their leads. But LeadsLeap’s introduced a unique way of advertising that allows members to view ads as and when they like, without them being bombarded with tons of emails.

LeadsLeap has grown from LeadsLeap 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 in March 2019 and then to LeadsLeap 4.0 in 2020 that comes with the release of an Email marketing tool he named Sendsteed. It has gained a lot of users while doing a very good job in term of retaining its members, evolving and improving through the following:

  • Free members can now get traffic from different sources, within and beyond LeadsLeap network.
  • They are constantly creating useful and innovative tools that members can use for free. LeadsLeap’s powerful tools will keep members coming back to use them, which means that the leads will stay in the system for a long time and can be easilly reached out.
  • They even included a PPC scheme where members can make money by sending traffic to other ads. It’s again another good way that will easily attract lots of members.

Quick Summary

The Pros

  • Free plan available for many tools: List management system, Landing page builder, Popup generator, Link tracker and rotator…. and done for you Marketing Materials
  • Several sources of traffic to your Blog/links
  • Real Links Tracker (know how people respond)
  • Quality Training even for free members
  • 4 Ways To Make Money
  • 25% to 50% recurring commissions paid on time
  • Lot’s of withdrawal options

The Cons

  • To qualify for your daily earnings, you have to watch at least 10 ads every day. However, it will not take more than 5 minutes per day.
  • Minimum payout and monthly upgrade price need revising!


LeadsLeap’s is a legit web-based service that will help you to create pages, blogs and ads, exchange traffic, email marketing, and generate leads. It’s an amazing platform that exceeds our expectations, very highly recommend and affordable to everyone worldwide.

Program profile

Industry:Advertisement and Digital marketing
Created on:2008
Headquarters:Easttech Pte, Ltd in Singapore
Key people:Mr Kenneth Koh from Singapore (Founder CEO)
References:You can go to Singapore gov website and search their Gov reference (Enter this UEN = 200301652W)

What is LeadsLeap and what they are offering?

Long story short, LeadsLeap is a lead generation system, that will help you bring visitors to your website or your various affiliate marketing offers. Basically there are two different type of members joining LeadsLeap, some of them wish to earn money by viewing ads and some needs traffic. Let’s now take a look in detail what LeadsLeap is offering!

1- Get Traffic: You can easily create Ads, assign them a number of clicks and visits, Write your own reviews and recommendations but also view ads, read and get inspired from other LeadsLeap members work!

Simply go to traffic menu and :

  • Post Credit Ads (Free) to drive traffic to your website. Hit the ‘Add a new ad’ button then fill all data including a catchy image. Then leave the Preload Credits To This Ad empty and tick the Auto Mode. You need 10 credits to submit this ad.
  • Post Pro Ads and they will be rotated in the network 24/7 without credits (This feature is only available for Pro Members)
  • View Bookmarked Ads (Ads that you found interesting and bookmarked hile surfing on LeadsLeap)
  • The social reviews directory is ranking well in the search engine therefore have a good back-link and SEO background attracting more traffic (It is another feature that you can use as a free member). You can write a review about your program to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, Read other reviews by other members and show up to 5 of the best recommendations on your profile.

2- Track your advertisement: LeadsLeap has a powerful tool that allow you to closely track your advertisement.
The system gives many tracking useful stats but also identify real visitors from fake traffic generated by smart bots that simulate real human visits (This features is also available for free member).

In addition of the tracking aspect, they allow you to insert opt-in popup and Ad Bars into the links that you track!

  • Rotate and cross promote offers: If you have different links and different capture pages then you can put all of those links and capture pages on a link rotators. When you send traffic to your link rotators, your visitor will be redirected to one of the links inside. The weight of each of your links can be adjusted from 1 to 5 (Higher numbers mean it will be shown more frequently than lower numbers).
  • Ad Bars feature will showcase a red bar on top of your screen. Its primary function works the same as rotators permeating cross promoting: If your visitor clicks on that bar, they will be redirected to your targeted links.

Not a LeadsLeap member yet? Click here to join this powerful system

3- Follow up with your leads: LeadsLeap provide you with amazing email marketing tools all listed in tools menu including:

  • Email Marketing (Free): List Manager and Broadcasts are available for free members, but Email Series, Blog to Broadcast, and YouTube to Broadcast are only available for the Pro Members. Page Builder (Free): For those who don’t have a website, this feature is one of the best you can find for free.
  • It allow you to create Opt-in page, Thank you page, Review page, Sales page, and Download pages
  • Funnel Builder (available only for Pro Members)
  • Form/Popup Creator (Free): You can customize it from the available templates or create brand new one!
  • Hosting Service for docs (images & Pdf files)

4- Monitor Commitions & Earnings: This is a place where members can monitor:

  • Daily Active Bonus: free members have to surf (view) minimum 10 ads to earn a Daily Active Bonus It’s Just a thank you way for being active (server reset at Singapore time GMT +8:00).
  • Credit Encashment: For those who have plenty of time and can surf for at least 3 to 4 hours a day, they can exchange credits for cash (50 credits minimum, $0.1 for every 50 credits)
  • To earn $1 every day, you need 500 credits.
  • PPC Earnings: This is for website owners, who wants to earn some money and get paid per click They have to install a widget that shows LeadsLeap Ads and capture visitors clicks (an example is just below)
  • (Earning calculation is done every Friday).
  • Affiliate Commissions: This is where you monitor your affiliate commissions. The minimum withdrawal is $10, and you can get paid through PayPal, Wise, or Bitcoin.

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5- Followers & Affiliate: LeadsLeap implements an overriding Credit on their referral system, the more referrals you get, you can earn more credits. You need at least 20 personal referrals to enjoy 10-levels of these overriding credits.
You can monitor your followers, send them a message and direct them to your site and if you have more than 20 referrals, your message will be seen by your 10 levels of followers.

  • All resources and guides that you need to promote LeadsLeap and invite referrals are listed in Affiliate menu.
  • Also You can monitor how your affiliate links perform here and track its source. So, you will know which method works best to promote your affiliate links.
  • Lifetime Leads: It’s also a 10-level leads builder that you can reach out through a message system. Imagine if you refer 4 people to LeadsLeap, and each of them also refer 4 people, you will have 1,048,576 followers that you can reach out to. These are leads you can reach out to for life!

Free vs Pro Comparison:

Should You Upgrade To Pro Membership? You can sign for free however if you upgrade to pro membership before 24 hours you’ll get a pretty good deal of $19 instead of $27 per month pro membership. Mainly for Pro membership up to 10 ads are running 24/7 on the LeadsLeap network. Moreover, these Pro ads with 5 stars rating will get featured in the members’ area. Also pro members can create their own Sales Funnel and earn a 50% recurring commission.

Here is comparison table between Free and Pro membership

Credit ads310
Pro ads 0 10 (No credit needed)
New launch ad booster X
Traffic from Members Area, Blog,
Coop Network (If you participate in Coop)
Coop Network (65%),
Members Area (30%),
Members Emails (3%),
PPC Ad Widget (1%),
Link Tracker (<1%),
Blog (<1%)
Expected traffic Depends on your credit level and the number of Credit Ads running The average monthly Pro Ad traffic is 4000+  The actual traffic may be more or less
Leads Network
Number of levels1010
Followers’ Message11
Spillover followers X
Link Tracker
Tracked Links
Custom Path X
Tracked Link Rotators (Limit: 10)
Adbars (Limit: 10)
List Manager
Number of lists (Limit: 10)
Send Email SeriesX
Send Broadcast (Limit: 10/month)
Recurring BroadcastX
Subtle VerificationX
Page Builder
Pages (Limit: 10)
Custom PathX
PopupXpert Opt-in Generator
Opt-in form (Limit: 10)
Social Review
Can submit reviews?X
Affiliate link rotation ratio1:54:5
Top recommendations boosterX
Newsletter boosterX
Earning Ability
Credit encashment
PPC Earnings
Daily Active Bonus5%10%
Affiliate commissions25% recurring50% recurring
Upgrade Details
Payment optionsPayPal, Stripe and LeadsLead balance
This comparison is done as of writing this post, You can double check for updates in the site

Pro Tip💡You can pay for an upgrade using the credits you have accumulated.

Not a LeadsLeap member yet? Click here to join this powerful system

Our experience and Final Thought On LeadsLeap: 

LeadsLead have an option to ramp up their traffic with a small upgrade fee which pays for itself via the traffic they get. It’s a unique lead generation system, amazing and completely free useful tools with quite a few gold nuggets for internet marketers in addition of an amazing support that will help any time!

Is LeadsLeap legit? Yes. LeadsLeap is a legit platform that has been around for more than 10 years. It’s one of the best platforms to grow your business with all of the features and benefits it has to offer to its members.

LeadsLeap is now a proven stayer in the market and will be here for many years to come! Seriously, You really should try this system, not just because it’s free, but simply because it’s effective. Basically everyone wants more traffic therefore you should also offer it to anyone who needs traffic to their website.


In summary Leadsleap is a one of the best marketing system that provide you with a complete set of tools that will help you to market and grow your business. It’s a gold mine for internal & external advertisement, social reviews, lead generation and partnership development. You can have a small number of LeadsLeap member personally referred but these members can exploded into thousands of free leads generated in your 10-levels of network.

We covered almost everything and if you find the user interface overwhelming, then check the tutorial page on every menu. With all the values that LeadsLeap is providing, we believe new members will soon realize that LeadsLeap is different from other ‘make money programs’ out there therefore we highly recommend LeadsLeap and if you’re into affiliate marketing, We believe this is one of the must-have tools.

Why Should You Join Us on this? 

  • We believe LeadsLeap will offer you better ways to both make money and get traffic.
  • We already tested it (Read our experience above),
  • We are helping each-other as entrepreneurs to build a big team
  • There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Disclosure – All data & opinion mentioned on this review are based on our experience and on the summary of other reviews referenced in Profile section.

We hope this article helped you to have a clear idea about LeadsLeap

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Leadsleap Review – Is this a legit online marketing system!?

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