We Really get frustrated when hearing someone else gotten scammed so before to join or promote any online program we highly recommend you to read and check the following steps

OWT Review Check list

  1. Search for this program in our scam reference list 
  2. If not referenced in our list then check out below in our Latest Review Posts
  3. If again not found then read about the Scams Warning Signs  listed below, this will help you spot this scams yourself
  4. Use social networks to share with your friends and help them stay away from this scams
  5. Contact our support team to report any new not listed scam, this will help us to keep our list up to date
  6. Finally don’t forget to Bookmark this page and come back to read our updates

Scams Warning Signs

The number of scam products are going to continue rising daily, therefore you need to learn to detect them by pay attention on the following warning Signs.

  1. Big Money claims:
    • Claiming that you can make big money over night. For e.g. $100 a day or anything above a three digit income within your first month of using is unlikely true because the chances of anyone making any money within the first month are very slim, it takes time and effort instead. *** Also some things that seems too good to be true, are probably not
  2. No means of contact:
    • Most of these scams sites don’t put any form of contacts but others scammers can fork out some fake contact details. So You should try sending them some questions, like you are interested in their product. See whether you get any response from them, give maximum 2 days… anything above that better avoid and just move on.
  3. Claiming Turn-key or automated systems:
    • For example something that claims “Just use our automated system and it will pour cash into your pocket daily”… There is no such thing as a “everything is done for you”, all you have to do is collect checks. *** Simply if you are looking to create an income online then you need to put in lots of effort and dedication into it
  4. Screen shots of Bank Accounts:
    • You can’t know if the money shown in the screenshots belong to their particular product or program and usually they show screenshots of outdated bank accounts. *** So You should never judge the screenshots, Obviously this is a scam product
  5. A sales page with only a video:
    • Many sites uses a sales page that displays a boring video talking lies, fake testimonials and all sort. Just below their video they will have a “buy now” or “sign up”. When you come across those, Just don’t even waste your precious time watching those sketchy videos as it is a good sign that they are a scam so avoid them at all cost.

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