1. Overview

This page present a summary of all our ongoing projects. It is used to track our achievements and have a look ahead for our future development plan. All dates and information provided are directional and subject to change based on business requirements and ongoing conditions.

While we intend to provide the community with detailed and highly transparent updates, information on some projects may be withheld due to confidentiality agreements or competitive market dynamics. We aim to well service our members and help them to make proper decisions.

2. Quarterly Updates

Renew domain and hosting

Big cleaning on the site

Write email series for the Autoresponder

Link the Autoresponder to OWTeam.info

Start Newsletters for OWTeam.info

Elaborate a quick guide for OWT members

Write blog on Affiliate programs

Select and blog on marketing systems 

Blog on Domain name, Hosting,..

Membership management (upstreamplugin),

Social Networking (Fb, TW, Inst, ..)

Work on videos platforms

Work on how to add Forum

Buy some traffic to the site

Work on bounty concept to catch more members

3. Achievements To Date

Kick start the Journey
Website Created

Purchase of the domain name and
Website hosting for 3 years
WordPress Installation
WP plugins selection
Logo conception

Explore and implement live!
Education & exercises

Work on Terms of Service and Privacy-Policies
Work on the Road-Map
Start Blogging

Design Improvement
Design and content improvement

Continue Blogging
Update Menus and Footers
Work on daily quotes
work on Bonus Hunter page
Signup to an Autoresponder

Q1-Q2 2020 Revamping and big cleaning!
Revamping & Email Marketing

Change and renewal of website hosting
Start cleaning the content while COVID-19!
Start testing the Autoresponder and
OWT News Letter