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Our team is online since a long time and gained a good online experience therefore we decide to share our knowledge through our blog, training and workshops on different subjects related to do business online. In addition of that, and as we experienced some difficulties with scam companies, we are periodically posting reviews on new online programs to build a reference data base for our reader to help them identify and avoid scammers.

We invite you to help us by reporting any suspicious website or program not listed in our reviews page, we will take a look and write a review on the subject the soonest we can and if you have suggestions to improve our service then please click here to contact us

Our areas of interests

Below is the list of our areas of interests through our website

  1. Email Marketing: This page is present good training, tips, and guides related to Email Marketing.
  2. Reviews: This page list a couple of complete reviews on companies operating online and help you identify trusted online programs.
  3. Blockchain and cryptos: This page provides you with information about Block chain technology and Cryptocurrencies.
  4. Scams list: This page present an updated list of scams related to online businesses.


Below a quick summary of ongoing and planned workshops

  1. Email Marketing: Coming soon..
  2. Reviews: Coming soon..
  3. Cryptocurrency: Coming soon..

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