Overview of TBC

Teambuildclub (TBC) is an online platform that provides good resources and tools for network and affiliate marketers. This platform is created by the European company Interconnectica Ltd registered on February 2018 in Cyprus-Greece with license number HE380604. The CEO is Mr Alexis Thompson, an experienced and professional business man with good reputation and certified digital marketing Manager since 2007.

The people behind TBC are very professional, they know what they are doing when offering free membership to prepare and help entrepreneurs building and advertise their business. They train them well on Entrepreneurship and follow with Zoom Calls from Professional Coaches in Marketing. That said – Let’s break down the PROS and CONS.

Quick Summary

The Pros

  • Free plan available,
  • Quality Training even for free members,
  • Done for you Marketing Materials,
  • High referral commissions,
  • Pays on time the 1st of each & every month,
  • Lot’s of withdrawal options
  • Transparency (weekly call with CEO)

The Cons

  • Not a lot so far!Nevertheless need some improvement especially on advertisement section but this is planned and coming in the pipeline


Very highly recommend as they provide excellent quality training, an easy 100% newbie friendly platform, And paid option is affordable to everyone worldwide.

Program profile

Product:teambuildclub (TBC)
Industry:Digital marketing
Created on:2021
Headquarters:Interconnectica Ltd, Stasinou 46, Strovolos 2002, Cyrus-Greece
Key people:Mr Alexis Thompson  (Founder CEO)
References: License number HE380604; Gov reference of Interconnectica Ltd

What is TeamBuildClub and what they are offering?

Teambuildclub (TBC)  is an online platform created for both newbies and experienced marketers as well. As soon as you join the program, you will start having people in your down-line until you reach 200 free leads contacts and if you upgrade to any paid membership, you will have additional 200 paid leads contacts. These leads are real and you can stat building relationship with them, exchange ideas and grow your prospect list. You also have the ability to promote any business to the whole non-stop growing community (via Banner and Text Ads).

Teambuildclub  is also offering a first class quality training with Top Marketers. These training are available even for free members but paid members will get additional special ones. They are planing to develop and bring more projects and useful programs to the community, The first one was successfully launched the beginning of February 2022 and more are coming in the pipeline. They come up with a new concept consisting on a priority list to join and earn from these future collaborative programs so that all members who join the teambuildclub after you, will be placed below you in this priority list as if they are your direct referrals. Of course they will inform you earlier so that you have enough time to join and upgrade before your down-line and consequently get referral commissions.

TeamBuildClub Membership Packages:

When you Register for Free, you will get the following:

  • 200 free members placed under you with their email address
  • Training in Marketing and cryptocurrency
  • Weekly Zoom strategy calls to help you grow your business
  • Direct Commission up to 10 levels deep (Half of what paid members earn)

But when you upgrade, you will get the following additional features:

  • Additional 200 Paid members placed under you with their email address
  • Additional special Training
  • Advertising Credits to expose your business to a huge community of marketers
  • Opportunity to participate in company profits once a month
  • Double Commission up to 10 levels deep
  • Higher positions in the priority-list for future projects (According to your Membership, you are going to be positioned above all the less-cost memberships).

Membership Packages Details:

The following table summarize free Vs Paid membership features

Advertising CreditsX
Building Your List & Business
Mentor-ship Training
200 Free Down-line Details
200 Paid Down-line Details X
Cryptocurrency Training Some Courses All Courses
Paid Members Training X
Direct Commission10% 20%
10 Levels Uni-Level Double
Sharing Pools X Starting from Gold
Priority in Future-Placement LowHigh

TBC have 5 paid membership 5 Packages ranging from $25, $50, $100, $200 $500 and offer additional features as follow

Cost€25 €50€100€200€500
Advertising Credits2,5005,00010,00020,00050,000
Sharing Pools X XGold PoolPlatinum PoolDiamond Pool
Priority in Future-Placement Medium-LowMediumMedium-HighHighHighest

Direct Commission Details:

Free Members earn half of what Paid Members earn on each level (10 levels deep) as follow

Level 1Half€5 €10€20€40€100
Level 2 Half €2 €5 €10 €20 €50
Level 3 to 10Half €1 €2 €3 €6 €15

Monthly Profit sharing Calculation:

Pools are generated from each membership purchased as explained below, and shared among the members every month

  • Gold Members are earning from the Gold Pool Balance every Month.
  • Platinum Members are earning from the Platinum Pool Balance every Month.
  • Diamond Members are earning from the Diamond Pool Balance every Month.
Poll BalancesFreeBasicSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
Gold Pool€1 €2€4€8€20
Platinum Pool €1 €3 €6 €12 €30
Diamond Pool €3 €5 €10 €20 €50

Our experience with teambuildclub so far: 

We joined TBC 4.5 months ago as free member and upgrade to basic membership, We were surprised to start getting members placed in our down-lines minutes after joined, and within 48 hours, 400 down-lines were in our list with their email addresses without doing anything. After one month of testing we assisted the profit sharing zoom call, it was done transparently and all Gold and above member, as promised, got a part of the monthly income, We then upgraded directly to platinum membership.

As of writing this review 46,000 members are under owteam and TeamBuildClub have over 49000 active members. We also already got over 50% ROI, withdraw part of our earning and used another part to pay for our membership and use EasyDominator (the new launched amazing marketing tool).

Help & Support: In term of support, all what we need (Professional Marketing Materials, Video tutorials, Documents,..) were just in the back office. We also tested the email, telegram and social support, all working good in addition of a weekly free zoom call where we got response of our inquries.


Based on our experience (read just above), We Highly recommend TeamBuildclub, it’s a win-win deal and really with them “NO one is left behind”!
If still septic then You have nothing to lose, it is better to register ASAP in order to lock your position for future projects. You’ll get your 200 free leads contacts, go through training and assist zoom calls then decide on upgrading. Anyway even as a free member if you promote TBC You’ll get 10% commission that you can use to pay for slowly upgrading and see how it progresses.

Why Should You Join Us on this? 

  • We already tested it (Read our experience above),
  • We are helping each-other as entrepreneurs to build a big team
  • You will be update on time with all news
  • You will benefit with more profitable opportunities
  • If you’re broke then don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

Disclosure – All data & opinion mentioned on this review are based on our experience and on the summary of other reviews referenced in Profile section.

We hope this article helped you to get a clear idea about teambuildclub and you’re welcome to join our team

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Teambuildclub (TBC) Review

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